Jon Anton Bone China Flowers

At a recent pick we found these flowers. They are porcelain flowers in plastic greenery. Doing a little Internet surfing reveals that they are most likely by Jon Anton. I found some on eBay and the very next day I could not find it anywhere. Have you ever seen anything like this?


Chalk Paint (TM) 101

Next class will be offered on July 2nd. There are two sessions on Monday, 9-noon or 6-9. Bring in a small item that you can carry and learn how to apply and finish the worlds greatest paint. The class fee is $85.00 which includes the paint and materials used in class, instruction and one quart of paint to take home to create your own beautiful projects. Class size is limited, contact The Pink House to reserve your spot. Bring a friend!


Truck load of treasures

It is a beautiful morning here in Asheville. The rising sun promises heat, but a walk around Beaver Lake will help prepare me for a day of work.
Yesterday Pam and I brought TWO truckloads of treasures to The Pink House. Many pieces will be sold just like they are and took to their new homes; while others will be purchased and we will paint with the world famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (TM). It is always exciting to see what old furniture can look like when given a little love!


Quick makeover

When taking on a small project with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ you are almost done before you realize you did not take a before shot…I picked up this end table at an auction and the guy next to me said, “that’s ugly”, I informed him it wouldn’t be when painted….I won the bid for the piece…well I was the only one that wanted it…and he said to me, “it’s still ugly”…he just didn’t see the potential.

Can you say “plastic wood”, the drawer fronts are that wonderful molded plastic, but Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ give it so much character.

I love how the French Linen color looks when paired with Emperor’s Silk. The pop of red when you open the drawer is an added surprise. Even the chunky drawer pulls look great…

Like always, this item and more are available at The Pink House…

Leesburg with Annie Sloan

Since beginning sales of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in late fall of last year I have seen our shop, The Pink House, morph from a small shop that specializes in giving old, vintage, rustic and worn out items new life into a shop that offers GREAT painted furniture with the most awesome furniture paint that has hit North America. I knew when I first put my brush in the can that this paint was different, and it did not take long to figure out that it was love at first site. I am so excited that we were able to secure an opportunity to sell the world’s greatest furniture paint. 

A recent highlight has been the opportunity to meet Annie Sloan and to hear her speak about the paint she created over 20 years ago….


thanks Annie for letting us in on your great paint!


Country Hutch inspired by nature

I am so excited to almost share with you our latest pink house project. While driving back from Leesburg I was in awe of the beautiful view from my window. The sky was blue, the trees were budding their leaves and some most beautiful tree had purple buds. They were everywhere. Annie has created her pallet by the views if the country she lives in. I must say those same hues are here, and I never get tired of looking at all the beauty that surrounds me. Here is a sneak peek.



The Pickled Poppy

Autumn over at The Pickled Poppy posted on her blog a recent visit to The Pink House…check out her blog and see some of the great stuff we have now, well some of it we still have, some of it is already GONE!

Speaking of gone, I am headed to Leesburg, VA tomorrow for a stop in the Annie Sloan North American Tour…can’t wait.

I am also going to stop by Luckett’s on the way there. I am excited about seeing all the treasures they have for sale. I hope to bring a lot of ideas home to The Pink House…

Shelby is working hard this week painting….drop by and see her…I will keep you posted with pictures of her lasted creations


Check out this custom Annie Sloan Color…

Vintage Victorian Dresser in Coco and Scandinavian Pink

Recently I acquired a beautiful dresser, vanity and full size bed frame at an auction. I have been patiently waiting a couple of weeks to see if someone thought they looked awesome in their natural state, and I could not wait any longer. Yesterday this ruggedly handsome dresser got a makeover. I am terrible at before pictures, but hope you love how warm this piece is now….first a soft layer of Scandinavian Pink was painted on the drawer fronts, and the details of the dresser. Then covered in a good coating of Coco. Annie Sloan paint is awesome to work with and is customizable to just about any look you can think of…I took the sanding block and the sander to the drawer fronts and the top and the edges got a bit of distressing, don’t you like this color combination?  ImageImageImage