Grain Sack Chair – Chalk Paint® and Upholstery

Lately when I want to take a picture with my iphone I have to delete pictures to take pictures because I have tooooo much media in the memory of my phone. So, I finally downloaded all of the pictures to the computer….when going down memory lane on the computer I realized there are really lots of projects chronicled that you might like to see….

This project is one that I did for a customer/friend from The Pink House.

As a stockist for Chalk Paint® we have the pleasure of meeting lots of new customers who become friends. Diane took one of my very first “Bing your own Piece” workshops. I think I can speak for Diane and say her favorite colors are Old White and Paris Grey….., she loves Louis Blue too….. She came across some really Frenchy looking chairs – painted them with Chalk Paint® and brought them to me….

Diane had several grain sacks and she asked me to upholster them onto her project…..

IMG_1839 IMG_1840 IMG_1846

I like how they turned out….. and so did Diane….

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