How to prepare furniture for painting

I get a lot of questions about what to do before painting a piece of furniture. Here is what we do at The Pink House to get ready. Because our furniture is for sale we want to make sure it is free of mold or mildew and that there are no dust bunnies or spiders living in the furniture – we do a good cleaning.


After vacuuming and using bleach water we are ready to start. We want to make sure there is no old furniture polish laying on the piece. Usually the bleach water is able to do that. You could also use ammonia if you prefer that cleaning agent.
No sanding or priming is required when using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (TM). Sanding is only recommended when the surface has peeling finish or possibly deep scratches in the wood.
Occasionally we come across a piece of furniture that has polish or a stain finish that “bleeds” through paint. We never anticipate this but if we spot a pink cast coming through the paint, we stop painting, allow that paint to dry and then coat the piece with Zinser Clear Shellac. After that dries you are good to go….paint on.
When we start a project we usually turn over and start from the bottom and work our way to the top, turn over and finish the piece.

Here is a picture of this completed project.



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