Jensen speaker cabinet

When I saw this piece at the Habitat ReStore I knew I wanted it. The price was right and I had it loaded on my truck. I have looked at it for a week and now is the time to give it a new purpose in life. The open space you can see had fabric covered panels that allowed the sound to come through from the massive speakers that must have been housed in the bottom of the cabinet. Thankfully I did not have to disassemble that. Anyway, my plan is to paint the piece Annie Sloan Coco with Duck Egg peeking through the top. I will cover the panels (not pictured) with burlap and put back into the openings. I believe this piece would make an awesome media table for a flat screen tv. I am going to test the fabric with a DVD player, but I think media equipment that does not have to be touched to be used could be housed on the area behind the burlap. I believe the remote signal will work through the fabric. I will keep you posted this week on how this turns out.



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