Louis Blue Bedside Tables

My husband is a wonderful carpenter and he has gotten used to me bringing roadside trash and auction treasures for him to retrofit into what my brain sees as beautiful. I found this really neat vanity – which I love….but the mirror was in terrible shape and flaking off the back. So hubby cut the pieces apart and patched up the parts that were finished and took the vanity top and created the top for these two really nice bedside tables. At The Pink House we sell many of these we find. This is a color combination that I have used, it is Old Ochre and Louis Blue. I love how they look together….but I must admit that what Penny over at The Comforts of Home with her Louis Blue is great….loving the dark wax….

After I finished this piece I found a chest of drawers that matches the etching and design in the wood – even the drawer pulls are the same….I have painted it Old Ochre. They look beautiful together. I hope they get to go to the same home.

I brought two truck loads of furniture to The Pink House on Saturday….lots of projects to finish and to start. Oh my!

And the one became two....


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